Algebra in R: Integrals

Algebra in R: Integrals

2017, Jul 19     alyosha

Let’s use the R and RStudio to integrate elementary functions!


We will use the RYACAS packacke, which we installed when we studied the Derivatives.

Downloading the Project

We will be using the Integrals project, which you can download in the form of a ZIP archive Integrals.zip. After you’ve downloaded the archive, proceed by extracting it, go into a newly created Integrals folder and double-click on the Integrals.Rproj icon. This opens up the Integrals project in the RStudio.

Determining Integrals

The Integrals project contains only one script, called 01_integrals.R. It shows how to use the yacas function to determine integrals of elementary functions.

# Constant function
# -----------------

yacas("Integrate(x) 0")

# Linear function
# ---------------

yacas("Integrate(x) 1")
yacas("Integrate(x) 2")

# Polynomial functions
# --------------------

yacas("Integrate(x) x^3")

# Rational functions
# ------------------

yacas("Integrate(x) 1/x")

# Exponential functions
# ---------------------

yacas("Integrate(x) a^x")
yacas("Integrate(x) e^x")

# Trigonometric functions
# -----------------------

yacas("Integrate(x) Sin(x)")
yacas("Integrate(x) Cos(x)")